Become an industry-leading expert in advanced autonomy tools

Product Application Engineers (PAEs) are technical experts on Applied Intuition’s software products. Equipped with a software engineering background and deep domain knowledge, they help autonomous vehicle (AV) engineers solve technical challenges using Applied Intuition’s tools. PAEs evangelize a wide range of development teams to become the power users of Applied Intuition’s products and push the boundaries on what these products can do. 
Develop your skills
How do PAEs develop a breadth of skills at Applied Intuition?
Technical expertise
Become an expert using Applied Intuition’s engineering tools to accommodate use cases focused on building advanced autonomy software stacks.
Customer-facing skills
Develop leadership skills by driving technical customer milestones and fostering strong customer relationships by delivering technical expertise.
Domain knowledge
Build deep domain knowledge on autonomy and automotive systems while collaborating with leading AV development programs.
What’s unique about Product Application Engineering at Applied Intuition?
PAE at Applied Intuition
Software Engineering at Applied Intuition
Become an expert using Applied Intuition’s products and apply this expertise to evangelize users and drive feature adoption
Build specific features for Applied Intuition’s products
Educate users on how they can use Applied Intuition’s products to meet their development needs and train them to be proficient with the tools
Work with customers to capture and define requirements for new features
Work across a wide variety of technical areas in Applied Intuition’s products
Focus on technical expertise in a single area of Applied Intuition’s products
What we do
What’s a day in the life of a PAE at Applied Intuition?
PAEs at Applied Intuition use their product expertise to deliver value across teams. A typical day often touches on engineering, customer success, pre-sales and strategy.
8:00 AM
Supporting pre-sales engagements
Join a European sales call to lead a demo of Applied Intuition’s tools that directly impacts the customer’s workflow. Work with the customer account team to lay out how customers can implement key workflows using Applied Intuition’s toolchain.
9:00 AM
Executing customer-side engineering work
Understand what challenges the customer is trying to solve, and how to customize the features to a customer’s software stack, API, or infrastructure. Work in the customer’s development environment to integrate these new features into the customer’s workflow. Improve the required documentation and tutorials to ease the adoption of workflows and make them more consumable for users.
11:30 AM
Driving customer engagements
Independently lead technical workstreams to drive progress towards customer’s technical milestones. Pair-program with a current customer to help them debug or improve their toolchain integration. Resolve the issue, work closely with the product managers for improvements and add additional details to the product documentation.
2:15 PM
Setting strategy for success
Work with Solution Architects and Application Software Engineers to learn about the specifics of an ongoing proof of concept (PoC) engagement and the customer’s use case. Implement a custom plugin to meet the customer’s needs and ensure the PoC is successful.
4:00 PM
Educating technical users 
Review the latest release notes to learn about new features added to Applied Intuition’s products. Host a virtual training session for a customer. Answer questions live and teach the tips and tricks of Applied Intuition’s products to new users.
How do PAEs work with engineering teams?
At Applied Intuition, PAEs work closely with engineers and product managers to ensure we are building the best cutting-edge product capabilities to fit our customers’ needs.

While the teams work together closely, the focuses of each team are quite different. Engineering teams and product managers are focused on developing the products; they design and implement new features, fix bugs, and optimize product performance. The PAE team is focused on advocating for customers’ product requirements and extending the products to deliver maximum value to our customers. PAEs must have a deep understanding of the challenges customers are facing, and need to use their expertise of the products as well as experience in the domain to support customers in tackling these challenges. The PAE team provides an expert opinion on how the products need to grow to better fit what customers need to solve their problems.
Who we Build for
Who uses Applied Intuition’s products?
Here are some examples of how autonomous vehicle engineers use Applied Intuition’s platform.
Kodiak (Silicon Valley)

Use case
"If the safety driver hadn't taken control, would our truck have been able to avoid an accident?"
General Motors (Detroit)

Use case
"Are the road lanes and stop signs in our maps located correctly and up to date with the real world?"
Toyota (Japan)

Use case
"How does rain interfere with our car's ability to accurately identify other vehicles around it?"
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