Build the company that is shaping the future of autonomy
Applied Intuition’s Recruiters are experts in finding the right talent.
Strategy owners
You will build recruiting processes where they don’t exist, and guide where to take the team.
People experts
You will deeply understand what drives people to change direction in their life.
Skilled advisors
You will advise hiring managers on how to position their team in the market.
Market leaders
You’ll be surrounded by colleagues with experiences from the best companies and schools in the world.
Accelerate your recruiting career at Applied Intuition
Recruiters are uniquely positioned to interface with all parts of the company as hiring top talent is the heart of the business. Recruiters drive strategic discussion and hiring decisions that directly impact Applied Intuition’s success. 
Potential career paths
A tech lead or a team manager within the recruiting function
A program manager or operations lead for people operations 
An entrepreneur (founder) longer term in their career
Join our recruiting team
We’re looking for ambitious Sourcers, Recruiters, and RCs with strong fundamentals from top agencies or high growth tech companies, who want to build highly scalable recruiting processes and continue to hone their craft. 
Mountain View
“Recruiting is unpredictable, but one thing that’s constant at Applied Intuition is the whole company’s commitment to hiring the best and the brightest. The bar is high and the work challenging, but it’s much more impactful when I’ve seen the company grow over time, and know that I’m never alone when I need help.”
Mountain View
"The thing that is most unique about my experience at Applied Intuition is that my primary reason for joining the company many years ago remains my primary reason for working at the company today: growth. Every few months I ask myself whether I am still experiencing the non-linear growth that I joined the company looking for, and the answer is a resounding yes. What’s cool is that I think this is also true for every person on the recruiting team today, which is really rare in the broader context of recruiting careers in Silicon Valley."
Mountain View
“I have immense ownership over the area of the business that I’m hiring for. It’s not as simple as just filling a role – it’s about playing a pivotal part in solving a talent gap that’s directly going to help the company continue executing and succeeding. Recruiting at Applied Intuition is definitely a challenge, but the impact you can make is so rewarding.”
Mountain View
“Being part of the recruiting operations team at Applied Intuition has given me opportunities to be in the nitty gritty of scheduling, to work cross-functionally with teams to build out recruiting resources, and everything in between. I particularly love partnering with the amazing people at Applied Intuition to create a great experience for anyone who comes our way.”
Mountain View
“At Applied Intuition, being on the recruiting team means that you not only grow the company, but also your own capabilities exponentially. As a recruiter who has experienced a variety of organizations and teams, what has stood out to me about Applied Intuition is the caliber of my teammates, opportunities for cross-functional work, and cross-pollination.”
Mountain View
“Applied Intuition doesn’t just see the potential of you in the future, they empower you to take ownership now. I have the unique opportunity to grow a company, and also myself.”
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