Solutions Architects AT APPLIED intuition

Working at the intersection of engineering and business

Applied Intuition’s Solutions Architects (SAs) are technical experts who identify and enable tailored solutions for AV and ADAS programs.
Develop your skills
How do SAs develop a breadth of skills at Applied Intuition?
Technical expertise
Become an expert in Applied Intuition’s simulation and infrastructure products in order to scope use-cases that apply those products to advanced autonomy software development.
Domain knowledge
Develop domain knowledge on software, robotics, autonomy, infrastructure, testing, and vertical-specific requirements (e.g. automotive, trucking, construction, and aerospace systems) in order to support leading AV programs. 
Customer-facing skills
Interface with the entire organization of our customers, up to C-Suite stakeholders, to align technical solutions and communicate Applied Intuition’s value.
Product vision
Leverage the insights from our customers to influence the product investment strategy in close collaboration with Applied Intuition’s internal engineering teams. Advocate for customer use-case requirements in our product roadmaps.
What we do
What’s a day in the life of a Solutions Architect at Applied Intuition?
Solutions Architects lead engagement with both internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis. As a SA, you will apply your deep technical expertise to solve engineering challenges, influence product roadmaps, and marshal resources to champion our customers.
9:30 AM
Meet with Applied Intuition’s Head of Product and Head of Commercial to review strategy for an upcoming discovery call with the CTO of a mining company. Gather input on domain-relevant use-cases.
11:00 AM
Meet with the PM and engineering lead of a simulation product to discuss a customer’s requirements and decide on a release timeline for features to support them.
1:00 PM
Host a call with a potential L3 ADAS customer to understand their AV software architecture and discuss how it can be integrated for closed-loop re-simulation.
2:00 PM
Lead weekly Office Hours for an L4 trucking company using Applied Intuition’s tools; run a demo on how users can compose complex pass/fail rules for their simulations based on the truck’s reaction to motorcycles that swerve between lanes.
3:00 PM
Put together a contract proposal for an engagement with an OEM L2 ADAS program to improve their autonomous detection of traffic signs, in order to comply with upcoming highway vehicle regulations.
4:00 PM
After the day’s meetings are done, focus on preparing a quarterly review presentation for a customer executive team visiting our office.
Our Customers
Who uses Applied Intuition’s products?
Here are some examples of how autonomous vehicle engineers use Applied's software.
Kodiak (Silicon Valley)

Use case
Developing a fully autonomous truck for US highways
General Motors (Detroit)

Use case
Developing the world’s most advanced ADAS system for passenger cars
Toyota (Japan)

Use case
Large-scale regression testing for next-gen L2+ software
“I learn something new every day and get to work collaboratively with every team at Applied Intuition to deliver value to our customers. It's really rewarding solving customers' problems by scoping out a feature with their engineers live and then seeing it in-use within the same month.”
Previously at General Motors
How Solutions Architects and Product Application Engineers function together to support customers
Primarily responsible for delivering value to customers
Primarily responsible for delivering deep product expertise to customers
Expert in accounts and industries
Expert in products and workflows
Ensure Applied Intuition provides a valuable solution that meets customer requirements to acquire new customers
Provide product support and demos during sales cycle and proof-of-concept engagements to support acquiring new customers
Ensure customers derive value from our software and expand our partnership over time
Work closely with users to provide training, support, and enablement to ensure customers are successful
Accelerate your career at Applied Intuition
Solutions Architects are uniquely positioned to identify customer challenges and be responsible for providing value to customers of Applied Intuition.
Potential career paths
A tech lead or a team manager
A general manager for a new product line
An entrepreneur (founder) longer term in their career
Hear from our team
Office: Munich
Previously: Aptiv, Palantir
“What’s unique is that we work directly with sophisticated engineers from the top autonomy programs on a daily basis. This requires us to be deeply technical and knowledgeable about the latest advances in the industry.”
Office: Silicon Valley
Previously: Ansys
“We are constantly working on the most challenging problems together with industry leaders so that we can advance autonomy technology development.”
Office: Tokyo
Previously: Google
“Applied Intuition’s cross-office collaboration to support our global customer base is amazing. Our core engineering team in Silicon Valley is highly responsive and jumps in to help out with global customers in a timely manner.”
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